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According to newest research, 7 ingredients have the power to increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment and when consumed regularly, they can even prevent further spread of cancer cells.

You’re probably wondering which foods are these and whether you like eating them or not. You’ll be surprised to hear that they’re very tasty and people like eating them. That is, there is rarely a person who dislikes black chocolate, blueberries, tomatoes, turmeric, curry, green tea, and red wine.

Besides being tasty, these foods can prevent the development of cancer by inhibiting angiogenesis, that is, they cut off the blood supply to the cancer cells which results in reduced growth of the cancer cells. And, when the cells are deprived of new blood vessels, they lack the nutrients and oxygen for further development.

Angiogenesis is a physiological process of blood vessel formation during early stages of fetal development. This process happens throughout our lives as well, that is, any time we damage the blood cells through burns, cuts, and other injuries. This is how new blood vessels form and it has to do a lot with cancer, as you could previously read.

The process is led by activators and inhibitors and although most cancer research dwells on inhibitors, the activators are the ones which cause the formation of new blood cells. What’s more, most cancer drugs are inhibitors whose function is to neutralize the activity of the activators and put an end to angiogenesis.

The previously mentioned foods are important because they have the same anti-angiogenesis effect. Let’s take a look at each of the foods separately:

Red wine – resveratrol, present in grape skins, has the power to prevent premature aging and heart disease. Moreover, this is a potent substance that can also better the glucose tolerance, increase the energy and mental alertness, remove free radicals, bacteria, and viruses, and repair DNA. In fact, 225 ml of red wine supplies you with 640 mcg of resveratrol whereas Bordeaux and Pinot Noir have even higher concentrations.

Dark chocolate – chocolate with 70% cocoa is good for the cardiovascular health, but it’s also good in increasing the effectiveness of the cancer treatment.

Coffee and green tea– these drinks improve the energy levels and reduce the growth of cancer.

Tomatoes -newest study done at Harvard showed that regular consumption of organic tomatoes decreases the chances of prostate cancer by 50%. Also, the study pointed out the ability of tomatoes to impede angiogenesis due to their high amount of lycopene, a potent anti-cancer agent. Lycopene is easily metabolized and its concentration increases even more when it’s exposed to high temperatures-this is why cooked tomatoes are more efficient in the prevention of cancer growth.

Turmeric -besides being an excellent aid in the weight loss process, this amazing spice can prevent the onset of cancer and its development.

Raspberries and blueberries -rich in phytochemicals, these berries have anti-cancer characteristics, especially when it comes to ovarian cancer. They also lower the oxidative stress and angiogenesis.