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It doesn’t matter if you exercise regularly or you are on a strict diet for weeks, most of the people have a problem to get flat stomach. Since most of us struggle with the same problem in addition we will present you several solutions that will help you to get a flat stomach.

7 Tricks That Will Help You To Get A Flat Stomach

Bitter salt bath

Bitter salt is widely used as an ingredient in salt baths. Make a hot bath and add two cups with about 400 grams of bitter salt and relax. This bath will stimulate the process of perspiration and will help you release excess fluids; toxins and cellulite from your body.

Limited portions of vegetables

We all know that salty foods and soft drinks are causing bloating, but some of the reasons for bloated stomach can be found in healthy food products. For example, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale are rich in fibers and therefore can be the cause for a bloated stomach. This certainly doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid them, just try and reduce them as much as you can.

Omelet from egg whites

Before going to the beach make sure to eat an omelet made especially from egg whites. The reason why we recommend eating this type of omelet is because it acts as diuretic. In this way, you will get the right amount of proteins and you won’t be hungry for a couple of hours while you are at the beach.

Avoid carbonated beverages

Try to avoid anything that contains carbon dioxide, such as soft drinks, because they are the number one reason for having gasses. During the summer day, you can refresh yourself with many other healthier beverages such as ice tea or vitamin waters.

Eat and drink at slower pace

If you eat and you drink very fast you will inhale too much of air, which eventually can lead to bloating. To prevent this always eat in a peaceful surrounding, take small bites and always chew slowly. It is highly recommended to spend at least 5 minutes in a movement to encourage the processing of food.

Avoid fruits for dessert

It is definitely a healthier choice to eat fruit instead of chocolate, but eating fruits after your meal it is not a wise choice. They pass very fast through the digestive system since they are made of water and simple sugar, which means it, will take hours for food to be processed. They will remain in the stomach and when the process of fermentation starts they will cause a bloating. It is better to consume fruits on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up. In this way, they will pass quickly through the digestive system and will supply you with the maximum amount of vitamins.

Cereals with water

Quinoa grains, flaxseed, and nuts are a great source of proteins, fibers and are full of vitamins. If you don’t prepare them in prepare way they can lead to an uncomfortable bloating of your stomach. Because they contain a special type of acid the body blocks the enzymes that are important for digestion. So if you want to remove that acid you will need to put the cereals in water overnight with a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. In this way, you will remove the acid that blocks the enzymes, and your body will emit more nutrients and the food will become easily digestible.